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Get ready to hear some of the best up-and-coming talents in the game. This edition of Introduce Me is pretty bangin’ if I do say so myself! Jump to the bottom if you want the complete playlist.

Let’s begin, shall we?!

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1. IAMDDB (Manchester, England)

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Especially bangin’ if you enjoy ABRA, Ravyn Lenae, or Little Simz. Press play if you’re into urban jazz, trap, or chilled music.

Side note: You should keep it G and also listen to my other favorite track “Teardrops“.

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2. RALPH (Toronto, Canada)


Especially bangin’ if you’re into Kacy Hill, Verite, or Billie Eilish. Add Ralph to your future pop, synth, and shimmering disco playlists.

Toronto and Canada, in general, are really bringing it in regards to new artists that are the future of pop and R&B music. I might have to do a whole post on this amazingness. Stay tuned.

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3. ELLEY DUHÉ (Dauphin Island, Alabama)

discover-new artists-elley-duhe

Especially bangin’ if you’re into Ellie Goulding, Halsey, or Lana del Rey. When I first heard Elley’s debut single, “Immortal“, I knew she was about to be huuuuuuge. Her empowering lyrics and powerhouse vocals make for some damn good electronic-tinged pop. Get to listenin’.

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4. AYELLE (London, England)

discover-new artists-ayelle

Ayelle is busy! It seems like she releases a new track every month. And I am definitely not mad about that. Ayelle is extremely talented. This one will satisfy all of your R&B needs. For fans of Sabrina Claudio and Kelela.

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5. SMERZ (Oslo, Norway)

discover-new artists-smerz

For fans of Jessy Lanza and genre-bending jams. The Norwegian duo have that minimal and effortlessly cool vibe going on. Add them to your alt-pop and next big thing playlists.

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Introduce Me: A Growing Playlist Featuring the Best New Artists from Around the World

Click the link above to listen to the Spotify playlist and be sure to click “Follow”, as we’ll be updating the playlist constantly with heaps good bangers from emerging artists! And if you missed our first edition of Introduce Me, you can catch up here.

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